“The Strap” Makes BravoFACT’s top 10!

Top 10 of 2012

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Happy New Year!! This month, to commemorate the past great year for bravoFACT, our playlist consists of the Top Ten Shorts of 2012. From drama to dance and comedy to horror, last year brought us an amazingly diverse selection of shorts. Although our January playlist reflects our most viewed shorts, it is just a snapshot of all the wonderful projects produced by Canadian talent with funds from bravoFACT. Check out all Top Ten Shorts of 2012 and let us know what your favorite bravoFACT short of last year was on our Facebook and Twitter pages. The top ten shorts include:

1)      Lost in Motion by Ben Shirinian

2)      You Are So Undead by Alex Epstein

3)      She Said Lenny by Jim Donovan

4)      In the Light by Glen Wood

5)      The Strap by Jason Gileno

6)      Continuity Problems by Ian Tuason

7)      The Legend of Beaver Dam by Jerome Sable

8)      Rumbleseat by Mike Roberts

9)      Pretty Big Dig by Anne Troake

10)    We Don’t Want Your Body by Benjamin Weinstein

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