The Extraordinary Power of Project Relationships Now Available.

Bad business one-on-one or group relationships create stress, destruction and unproductively. Likewise, without great relationships, our personal lives can be empty, boring and lonely.

The Extraordinary Power of Project Relationships (click to buy for iPadKindle, and your favourite eBook retailer) is packed with great ideas, techniques and many checklists to make great things happen for you. At minimum you will find something and typically many things which will reward your investment in this book, with better relationships. Great relationships will generate monetary as well as a flood of other positive differences in your life.

Your life is worth it!

Think about all the many types of projects in your business and personal life. A project is a temporary endeavor which produces unique results. Weddings, business mergers and implementation of new corporate technologies are all projects.

Each of these examples is temporary. You may be enjoying your wedding reception. But it ends sometime, so that you can begin the enchanting honeymoon. That stressful project to merge two departments seems excruciatingly long, but it also does end some time.

Each of these examples of projects is unique. Even if you have been married eleven times before, each project to prepare for the wedding will be different. In business, some other company may have implemented the same accounting software package. However, your company has unique accounting numbers, practices and stakeholders.

Unique, temporary, limited resources the list goes on and on. They all conspire to make your life challenging, stressful maybe even traumatic, particularly your relationships with others.

Master the skills, practical how-to techniques and tips in “The Extraordinary Power of Project Relationships”. Your business life will be much more successful and so will your personal life. Invest in reading, learning and appropriately applying these techniques. Use the book as a handy reference as you perform project work in the office as well as your personal life.

Reward yourself. Your relationships will get better. You deserve to make their life as good as it can be!

Also, good news! If you are or aspire to be a Project Management Professional (PMP) or are or want to be a Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP), this book covers all the major interpersonal and leadership elements of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK ®Guide) and Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK ®).

The book addresses everything in PMBOK’s Appendix G Interpersonal Skills including:

- Leadership
- Team-building
- Motivation
- Communication
- Influencing
- Decision-making
- Political and cultural awareness
- Negotiation

Similarly this book addresses BABOK’s Chapter 9.0 Underlying Competencies including:

- Analytical thinking
- Problem-solving
- Behavioural characteristics
- Communication skills
- Interaction skills

Delight in the results of the Extraordinary Power of Project Relationships.

Perform, profit and prosper.

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